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22 - female - 157 cm


dob: aug 8th

languages: asl (mute)

nationality: american

traits: caring, extroverted

hobbies: baking, gaming

meet milk

milk has always dreamed of opening up her very own gaming cafe, which is why she started modeling for tomodamai! to raise the funds she'll need to open it up.

milk was born and raised in brooklyn but currently resides in los angeles.

due to paralysis in her larynx, milk cannot speak; however she is still able to communicate using american sign language and she is currently trying to learn japanese sign language.

the flower in milks hair was a gift from her last boyfriend she was with, however a tragic accident caused him to pass away prematurely and so she keeps it to remember him and vowed to never be with anyone else ever again.

the "milk" in her eye has been there ever since birth and nobody knows how it got there or why. when asked about her vision milk replied that she can still see well out both her eyes, so her vision is not impaired by this anomally.

milk is a very outgoing person and will always be there to support her friends! she enjoys making people happy and tries her hardest to make even a random stranger smile!

Milks hair is naturally white but she dyes it pink with strawberry syrup