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meet milk

Milk was born in Brooklyn but around her tenth birthday her parents decided to move to LA. Milk was reluctant to go but she was able to be convinced by a new game console. It was after she moved to La she started going to cafes after school, and she discovered that there is a cafe for everything! cat cafes, internet cafes, and a Laundromat cafe! So one day she decided to check out a fashion cafe where she met her closest friend Eclair.

Growing up she was fond of baking but it wasn't until she saw all the different cafes when she wanted to make her very own. 'Milk's gaming cafe' will be a safe space and fun place for everyone to meetup whenever! She was hoping to open it up with her boyfriend one day, but she can still open it in memory of him.

This part does get sad
A couple years ago, milk was in a happy relationship with her boyfriend, she was even able to sing songs with him or laugh at his jokes. They were celebrating their anniversary for each other and sharing gifts, he got Milk a beautiful white flower hairpin while she got him an under glow kit for his car. Her boyfriend really wanted to see how it looked so he asked Milk for a night ride tonight to their favorite spot overlooking the ocean. When the night came and they were driving along the road, they were struck by an intoxicated driver head on. after milk recovered in the hospital she found it hurt to speak. It was revealed that a small piece of glass was lodged down Milk's throat that badly cut up her vocal cords. Her boyfriend didn't survive the crash.

Milk was broken, physically and emotionally, but after a few months she was working on bettering herself. she started by learning sign language so she can communicate easier, then her old friend eclair hit her up one day and asked if she would model for her new brand. Milk thought about it and decided to work for Tomodamai as it's first model.



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